Sunday, September 26, 2010

Beyond ISO to Shutter Speed

One of the things I have always loved about cameras is the sound they make when you press the button to take a photograph..  Click, Click, Click, Click....  I love that sound in quick succession....  The Shutter is responsible for that noise..

SHUTTER SPEED:  The speed at which the camera's shutter opens and closes as the photograph is taken. Shutter speeds are generally measured in fractions of a second, with a one placed over the shutter speed number to form the fraction. For example a shutter speed of 500 is actually 1/500 of a second....   Now what does that really mean??

The shutter opens and closes to allow in light...   A fast speed will Stop action and a slow speed is used when there is not a lot of light...

For example: 
A high number indicates a FAST shutter speed wich will allow less light in... Want to Freeze action, use a High Shutter Speed..

A smaller number will allow more light into your camera.  Want to taake a photo of a person in low-light use a slower shutter speed ..

FYI:  Use a tripod for a shutter speed slower than 50mm... Otherwise, you may end of with a blurry picture..

                                                         SHUTTER SPEED VALUES
                                                   A Fast Shutter Speed "Freezes" Motion

                                       A slow shutter speed "suggests" motion... Note the photo is a tad blurry..   Thank you Nikon for the pics..
BTW:  I am a Nikonite!!  I love my Nikon....

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  1. Me too I like the sound made by shutters it makes me feel like I'm a professional photographer. :)

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