Monday, February 7, 2011

New Orleans

After spending a wonderful weekend enjoying the food, a drink or two...well two or three..  I believe there is something to "a little hair of the dog"  I just love a city that encourages Bloody Marys in the morning..  Anyway, after a weekend of eating too much, I took a much needed solitary walk around New Orleans...  Just me and my Nikon exploring... it actually turned out to be my favorite day of the trip.... 

Lights on the balcony of our apartment

Joy: doing what you love
                             St. LOUIS CATHEDRAL AT DUSK


  1. Love your ghost story! We have a ghost in my house. his name is Andy and he died in my living room about 10 or so years ago (before I lived here.) He's a good guy. Likes to knock things over upstairs, and unfortunately likes to smoke in the living room.

    :) Susan

  2. This so interesting one to see.

  3. The man with a trumpet looks funny..haha
    But the photos looks great!

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