Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Young Turks House: Haunted?

What would you think if your very level-headed, analytical, skeptical friend told you she felt "creepy vibes" coming from the back room of the apartment you were staying in... In New Orleans, no less.  And furthermore, she has felt these "creepy vibes" before...And did not tell you about the "vibes" until you were unpacking for your weekend end stay.   My first thought was "Cool".  Let me just say.... I am not afraid of the idea of "vibes"!  I am afraid of real, flesh and blood "bad guys", but in "spirits"...

Apparrently the back bed-room of the house is next door to a "Haunted House".  In the late, 1800's a young Turk rented the house.  As soon as he and his entourage moved in, the character of the house changed.  Windows were covered with very heave drapery, doors were locked, it was rumored the group of young women staying there were members of The Sultans' Harem, the young Turks Older Brother.  And that the young Turk had stolen them from the Sultan. 

Early one morning, a passerby noticed blood oozing out the front door and inside everyon had been massacared.  The young Turk had been burried alive in the courtyard behind the house.  (and yes I sat in this court-yard and had breakfast).  The murders were never solved.  A pirate shipped had been docked a 1/2 mile from the house and came and went in less than a day.  Was it the wealthy older brother, the Sultan who was seeking retribution?   

Many people who have stayed in the house have claimed to hear tinkling glass, seen a light-haired man who dissappeared  as if in a cloud of smoke.  Others claim so see someone sitting in a window of the house. 

New Orleans is known to have the most documented Haunted Houses anywhere.  All I know is I was dissappointed I slept all  night with no "vibes"..  But my friend did not...

This was our bedroom reflected in the large wardrobe..... looks a little "ghostly" to me\

hmmm... wonder what secrets this attic could tell?  directly accross the street from our apt..

Haunted Houses Abound in New Orleans

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  1. The house looks creepy but I don't think it's haunted. It is so beautiful to be haunted!

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